[Poem] Aphrodite's Court

2008-08-13 @ 11:25 p.m.

nestled in the darkness of a dream
overhung by draperies of velvet,
weighty with deep violets and blues
and patterned with stars that gleam
like teardrops shed by lovers
torn apart by fate,

there is a garden and a courtyard
over which the Queen of Love presides.

vines and blossoms twist in abundance,
a wilderness surrounding
to hedge in the magic
that happens here,
ripened fruit and lush greens
that grow as symbols of fertile hearts
and the sweetest flavours of love.

here the Queen stands on a pedestal,
flesh of white marble and blind eyes
that see all,
carven hair in rivulets,
modest in a pudica pose,
her hip a swell of snowy generous build.
oh, a lady unclothed,
a symbol
with rosebud lips.

surrounding her
amorini frolic --
little love gods,
infants with the wings of doves,
loyal, yielding, jubilant
playful and free with promises --
and where they touch,
you blush
as blood rushes red and ready.

at her feet, Eros, of her own womb,
a cherub with most devious intentions
crouches ready to draw
his bowstring taut.

take heed, ye who enter here --
pass under the stone arch
into a veil of moonlight and dancing shadows
but take heed
for if the shushing fall of your foot
bends the ear of the Lover,
oh, you shall fall.

with the heady scent of flowers wrapping you in starshine
you will fall,
right at the feet of the Queen of Love,
with amorini giggling round --

too late to be sensible,
too late for practicality.

fall to the whim and wont of love,
passion, heartfire, tears,
give in and taste the fruit

grown in abundance
for those who dare enter Aphrodite's court.